Meet the Board

Our Board of Directors is our governing body and is responsible for our strategic direction, establishing goals for management and monitoring the achievement of goals directly through its committees.

Our Board comprises

Nigel Harvey

Harvey has been an independent consultant and Director for the last decade after previously working for two decades in corporate finance and the financial and commodity markets for The Chase Manhattan Bank, Barclays Bank, JPMorgan Chase and latterly Macquarie Bank,  predominantly covering the Asia Pacific region including China for energy price hedging.   Prior to that he was a business journalist for a decade or so in London and the Middle East.   He has many years experience as an ASX NED (OBL, IOT).  He has attended the AICD Directors Course and its Updates several times and has been a Director of Independent Community Living Australia for about a decade the last couple of years as Chair and was previously a Director of a surf club and several other not for profits.  He has had consulting and retainered roles in commodity and financial market risk management and financial services compliance for a variety of clients.  He also holds a wholesale advisory AFSL.

 Nick Coles

Nick Coles started his working life in executive recruitment in the financial markets. Since then he has spent the majority of his working life in financial markets research, initially conducting competitor analyses of the investment banking industry.

Nick’s research now has a particular focus on investor sentiment of the S&P/ASX200. Nick developed a proprietary, fully integrated, technology platform to run the annual research projects and provide clients with sophisticated, actionable insights and analytics.

Areas of expertise: Finance, Research; Sector knowledge, Social Welfare.

  Gaybrielle Robinson

The scope of her quality management experience includes mental health, addictions, aged care, disabilities and internationally recognised quality, risk, health and clinical standards.With over 20 years experience working in business support and leadership roles, Gabbi has dedicated almost 10 years of this to managing and auditing quality management systems in the not-for-profit human services sector; hence supporting an in-depth understanding of the intricacies of managing compliance within an evolving client care environment.

Jorida Zeneli

Jorida’s mission is to contribute to one of society’s greatest challenges – equitable and efficient health care services for all people through improved allocation of resources, innovation, disruption and technology. With a background in international health economics, public policy and business administration, Jorida has worked in the US, Europe and Australia across the government, private and non-for-profit sector. She has extensive experience in health care interventions evaluation and assessing policies and transferring them into different contexts. She has worked on integration of health and social services, efficient resource allocation and management, health promotion, disease prevention and social determinants of health.

Areas of Expertise: Integrated care, Cost Benefit Analysis, Performance based financing, Health System Strengthening and Reforms, Risk Management.

Gina Block

Gina Block is a legal and compliance professional of 30 years’ experience across most areas of financial services and commercial practice. Prior to establishing a specialist financial services law firm in 2004, she held a range of senior legal and compliance roles with a number of Australian and global investment banks, including CBA, Westpac, Bankers Trust and Merrill Lynch. Gina has been an active participant on industry committees and lobby groups over the years with particular expertise in the implementation of legislative change.

Gina is an Australian Legal Practitioner, with qualifications in law, arts, and finance,

and has served as a volunteer Solicitor at Kingsford Legal Centre since 2013.

Areas of Expertise: Legal, Compliance, Risk, and Finance.