Meet Lowami

I came to ICLA in 2015 from a rehabilitation ward where I was recovering from both physical and mental health illnesses.

I still have my ups and downs however I am making good progress. I am currently linked in with really great psychological supports and my daily supports are also encouraging me to keep active and build up my self-esteem. They keep telling me how great I am and that I am a very kind and patient person.

I have also been told I have a very inquiring mind. I like to learn new skills and further my studies, having completed a TAFE business course . I have also worked in roles where I have had the opportunity to put my skills and knowledge in to action. Working hard and earning money is a key motivation in my life. I also love relaxing and cooking with friends and staying connected to my Fijian cultural heritage and hope to move into low support in the future to further build on my current successes.