I‘ve been anxious for as long as I can remember – only I didn’t know it. I thought that was just who I was. I was on autopilot – always being on the lookout for what could go wrong, what I hadn’t done or what others expected of me. The words “Don’t get it wrong!” would be on a continuous loop in my mind. Then I’d go into overdrive planning for every possible outcome. I didn’t realise how shut down to my real self the anxiety made me. Living like this was exhausting.  

Through telling my story to safe people who listen without judgement and a growing insight into how anxiety hijacks my body, I am able to choose to pause and think how I can respond.  

I have learned that it doesn’t matter what I did last, it’s what I do next that can make a difference. 

Talking to an eFriend Peer Support Worker may help make the difference… 

And it may not be as scary as you expect

This piece was written by one of the ICLA eFriend Peer Support Workers. eFriend is an online platform where you can connect with a trained peer support worker whom has their own lived experience of feeling lonely, isolated, stressed or worried. You can speak to your eFriend Peer via video or phone call. Your eFriend Peer will listen, validate and provide hope. If you like, they can also assist you to identify any other services you may like to try or help you create plans to improve your personal well-being. Or they can simply listen.

To book your first call visit: https://my.efriend.org.au/preregistration/