Leading mental health, disability, and homelessness not for profit, Independent Community Living Australia Ltd (ICLA) has appointed a new Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

ICLA Board Chair Nigel Harvey has announced that Bill Campos will become the CEO from 3 May, 2021, following a nationwide recruitment drive for the executive role.

“On behalf of the ICLA Board of Directors, I’m delighted to announce that Bill will be the new CEO. And look forward to the wealth of experience he will bring to the role and to work with a fantastic team at ICLA,” said Mr Harvey.

ICLA provides a range of support services for people who live with mental health and/or other disabilities as well as homelessness.

Bill has been a senior leader in the NSW primary healthcare networks, a director, consultant and member of various industry boards and health initiatives, as well as many years as a practicing psychologist.

“I’m very much looking forward to working with the ICLA Board, the executive team and staff, on building on the excellent work so far” said Mr Campos.

Most recently, Bill has been a consultant to NSW Health on strategies to deliver mental health support, both physically and online, to people with poorer access to services, such as refugees and other culturally and language diverse (CALD) communities across the state.

Bill has resigned from our ICLA Board, which he joined last year, adds Mr Harvey.

Previously Bill was CEO at Community Options Australia, a network of 34 organisations that provided coordinated community care in areas related to health, disability, and aged care services across Australia.

Prior to this, Bill was Head of mental health services for Western Sydney’s primary healthcare network (Wentwest – WSPHN) from 2012 -2019. His past experiences range across academia, with a number of teaching university positions and clinical appointments.

He is the founding president of Helpline Australia (Previous Association of Helpline in Australia), and both a consultant and committee member for various mental health services including Headspace and Family Drug Support.

Bill is currently undergoing an MBA from the UNSW’s AGSM, and holds Masters of both Psychology and Counselling, and bachelor’s degrees in biology, Psychology and Teaching.

For more information on ICLA, visit www.icla.org.au


About ICLA

ICLA was first established in 1984 to aid a group of boarding house residents in Bondi who were

facing eviction. “Rotorua” was a privately-operated boarding house for more than ten years,

providing secure, supported accommodation for up to 29 people with psychosocial disabilities.

When the property was put up for sale, the residents again faced the insecure tenancy and lack

of support experienced by many others with psychiatric disabilities.

A group of community health workers, students, family members and others from the community

worked to form the Independent Community Living Association, and were able to negotiate with

the NSW Department of Housing to secure appropriate alternative accommodation. The original

mission of ICLA was to promote acceptance, interaction and participation in the wider community

with the aim of supporting people with psychosocial disabilities to live in shared accommodation,

and avoid people becoming homeless, institutionalised, hospitalised or living in sub-standard


Today, Independent Community Living Australia (ICLA) is a not for profit Australian company

limited by guarantee. We provide a range of support services for people who live with mental

health disability.


  • Provide specialised support services tailored to each individual’s choices and needs within flexible programs which assist each individual in their day to day living and involvement in the community.
  • Promote acceptance, interaction and participation of individuals within their wider community.
  • Assist the people we support to reach their full potential.
  • Empower people to build independent happy and fulfilled lives.
  • Provide long term secure and affordable accommodation.
  • Embed continuous quality improvement in all we do.
  • Provide our staff with support and the opportunity for growth and development.