To be eligible for ICLA’s Pathways housing program, participants must be in receipt of a Disability Support Pension or on another form of benefit or income support, sufficient to accommodate the service fees. 

Eligible participants must meet the following criteria:

Aged 18-64 

Willing and committed to abstaining from any alcohol or illicit drug use in ICLA properties

Meet Social Housing Eligibility Criteria

At risk of homelessness.

Experiencing mental health issues

Under the care of a treating healthcare professional (GP, Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Community Mental Health or other)

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Able to manage their day to day needs to meet their tenancy obligations or are actively engaged with relevant supports to do so

The Pathways Program offers transitional accommodation placements for up to 18 months, after which residents are required to transition to alternative accommodation. Therefore, participants are required to maintain active engagement with any support services they may require securing and transition to suitable alternative housing at the end of their tenancy.