We understand that sometimes a little extra support, hope and understanding can be the key to helping someone out of a dark place. For that reason, we want to welcome you to access one of  ICLA’s free mental health recovery support services. 

Our Mental Health Recovery Services

You can learn more about our mental health recovery services below to see which of our free government funded mental health programs are best suited to your needs 


Virtual Peer Support

eFriend is a FREE service that allows people who are feeling low, lonely or isolated to virtually connect via video, phone or online chat with peer workers who can offer insight, advice or empathise from their own lived experience.

Click here to learn more or to book your first call. 


Suicide Prevention and Recovery Cottage

With the support of people who understand, our FREE Suicide Prevention and Recovery Cottage (SPARC) offers a place for respite to talk, reflect and rest for people experiencing situational crisis and suicidal thoughts.

Click here to learn more or submit your application to stay at SPARC.