Sometimes A Little Extra Support, Hope, And Understanding Can Be The Key To Helping Someone Out Of A Dark Place

And for that reason, we want to welcome you to our home; the SPARC Cottage

The SPARC Cottage is run by people who understand life’s pressures and challenges, And we hold space for the stories that matter. Your stories.

The Suicide Prevention and Recovery Cottage (SPARC) is a four-bedroom house in Sydney that provides non-clinical respite and peer support for people experiencing stress, hopelessness, and situational crisis.

SPARC is free of charge and is a pilot project funded by the Australian Government under the Community Hospitals and Health Program (CHHP).

  • Open to adults aged 18-64 who have an existing support network and referring GP
  • 24-hour staffing 
  • 3-night, 4-day stay 
  • Staffed by Mental Health Support Workers and Peer Workers

The SPARC cottage offers you a short break to focus on improving your self-care, by increasing emotional resilience, undergoing respite, and promoting recovery

SPARC is delivered by ICLA (Independent Community Living Australia), an organisation with 30+ years of experience providing residential mental health support services. 

We’re not an acute crisis or clinical treatment facility and guests must be linked to existing support networks such as a treating psychologist or under the care of a General Practitioner.

Our hope is that a brief period of respite at SPARC will assist people to develop a self-care plan before they reach a crisis point.

Sign up via the link below and one of our staff members will be in touch with more information to get the process started for your stay at SPARC.