SPARC Update

SPARC (Suicide Prevention and Recovery Centre) was developed and designed as a short-term (24 hours, 5 days of the week) residential service to support people with lived experience of suicidal ideation, who are not in immediate crisis.

SPARC launched in 2020 however the COVID lockdown and restriction have placed considerable stress on the program in 2021 and ICLA was unable to maintain staff, resources and sustain costs under current funding arrangements.

This has meant that the program was not viable, nor appropriately able to be resourced to safely reopen. As a result, ICLA will need to close the program permanently.

Whilst we are aware this decision will disappoint many who have been involved in SPARC program, we feel this is the right decision, as the program cannot be sustained into 2022.

If you feel you or someone you know might benefit from access to skilled peer support workers to support you on your recovery journey, please visit our ICLA eFriend page.

eFriend is a FREE service that allows people who are feeling low, lonely or isolated to virtually connect via video, phone or online chat with peer workers who can offer insight, provide hope, and empathise from their own lived experience.