With the support of people who understand life’s pressures and challenges, our FREE Suicide Prevention and Recovery Cottage (SPARC) offers a place for respite to talk, reflect and rest for people experiencing situational crisis and suicidal thoughts.

How it works
How ICLA’s SPARC team can assist you.

The Suicide Prevention and Recovery Cottage (SPARC) offers:

SPARC is free of charge and is a pilot project funded in 2019 by the Australian Government under the Community Hospitals and Health Program (CHHP).

A short residential stay (4 days) in a house in Sydney  

Befriending calls with a  peer worker before and after your stay so we can get a better understanding before your stay of the experience 

Simple healthy cooked meals prepared by yourself with support from our staff and other guests    

Recovery oriented support that includes space to reflect and connect to strategies that support positive mental health 

Compassionate conversations with people who have lived experience 

Privacy when you need your own space 

Who's eligible?
And how to participate.

SPARC is not a crisis service and cannot be accessed immediately. A potential SPARC guest is: 

Aged over 18 years 

Experiencing thoughts of suicide  

Looking for some respite from their current situation and is keen to reconnect to their recovery 

Linked to a professional who is providing support with their mental health 

Not dependent on alcohol or other drugs  

Able to attend to your own personal care needs without support.

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