Mental Health Services

We have a long and proud history of providing mental health supports through supported accommodation services and drop-in supports.

We have been providing supports to individuals for over 30 years who have or are experiencing a variety of psychiatric disabilities including schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorders, personality disorders, mood disorders, depression, acquired brain injury and co-morbid developmental delay. ICLA currently provides services for people aging between 21 to 85 years.

We provide a range of services and support to assist clients in their path to rehabilitation and recovery and leading independent lives by;

  • rehabilitation, recovery and skills based learning through individual planning and access to a wide range of activities, programs and services that assist our clients to participate in communities of their choice,
  • flexible services are tailored to assist the people we support in their day-to-day living and involvement in the community, and
  • individuals are encouraged to take responsibility for their own recovery and wellbeing. We work closely with individuals to define their goals and aspirations and provide hope for a fulfilling life.

Our philosophy is to deliver strength based and recovery orientated services. Each individual is supported to access relevant community supports, develop and maintain relationships and explore employment options in order to lead a valued and engaged life as a community member.


Talk to us about what you need – ICLA can make it happen!