Core Supports

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Our NDIS funded core support provides individualised and ratio-based support in order to enable people maintain and/or grow their independent living skills for people with a psychosocial disability or mental health condition.

How it works
How ICLA’s Core Supports team can assist you.

Our NDIS funded core support aims to build the capacity of people with a psychosocial disability and or mental health condition to:  

Access local communities, building on people’s confidence to navigate through communities independently

Manage their daily tasks and activities such as cleaning and self-care  

Who's eligible?
And how to participate.

We offer individualised core support to people who:  

Who are NDIS participants and have core support as part of their NDIS plan

Are living with a psychosocial disability 

Have no current problematic alcohol and/or drug use 

Who have no existing concerns with violence / sexualised behaviour

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