eFriend is a FREE service that allows people who are feeling low, lonely or isolated to virtually connect via video, phone or online chat with peer workers who can offer insight, provide hope, and empathise from their own lived experience

How it works
How ICLA’s eFriend team can assist you.

eFriend offers 5-10 virtual peer support sessions. 

Each session is held with the same person, so you won’t have to re-tell your story. 

eFriend sessions are scheduled for 30-mins each week and offer a safe space for you to connect with your eFriend peer.  

Our eFriend peers are there to listen. We do not provide crisis supports, counselling or mental health treatment.  

We can listen, talk through ideas and concerns that you have and can provide information about other services and referral options that are available to support you.   

What is a peer worker?
And why are they important to our eFriend program?

An eFriend Peer is a ‘Peer Support Worker’ – which is someone employed on the basis of their personal lived experience of mental illness, suicidality and recovery (consumer peer worker), or their experience of supporting family or friends with mental illness (carer peer worker).  

This lived experience is an essential qualification for their job, in addition to other skills and experience required for the Peer role, including training in Trauma Informed Care, Suicide Awareness and Prevention, and Safe Storytelling. 

Who's eligible?
And how to participate.

If you are in immediate crisis or having thoughts of suicide please call Lifeline on 13 11 14 or emergency services on 000.  eFriend is not a crisis line and cannot be accessed 24/7. eFriend is for people: 

Aged 18 years and over. 

Feeling lonely or isolated and who would like someone to talk to. 

Feeling down about the current state of the world right now.  

Feeling stressed about your circumstances and worried about your future.  

Who have felt isolated due to Covid-19 or other illnesses and want to share your experiences and worries with someone.  

Who have  limited mobility, making it difficult to get out into the community and socialise.  

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