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For more than 30 years, ICLA has been supporting people with mental and physical health challenges to work on their recovery journey, to live independent lives and to feel safe and apart of the community. We do all this by providing long and short-term stays and supported accommodation, coordinating care and support services (including being an NDIS provider ourselves), helping people to rebuild their confidence and daily living skills and offering quality programs that encourage people to connect with others and the community.

We believe in partnering with respected charities who align with our everyday lifechanging initiatives that focus on building safe environments for the vulnerable people of our community and support other charity-managed initiatives focused on education, employment and wellbeing.

If you believe that our organisations could benefit in partnering to close the gap in person-centred, recovery-focused services and supports for people with mental and physical health challenges, please get in touch here.

There is simply not enough supported accommodation, personalised and peer support available to those who need it. That’s why we are proud to deliver our services and to partner with other like-minded organisations to fill this void.