Bondi PARC

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ICLA’s Bondi Prevention and Recovery Centre (PARC) supports mental health recovery in a home-like environment.

How it works
How ICLA’s PARC team can assist you.

Bondi PARC supports early intervention and promotes recovery to help people avoid hospital admissions (step up), as well as providing residential support services following discharge from hospital (step down). Bondi PARC offers: 

28 day stay with all accommodation and food provided  

Free of charge 

24-hour staffing, 7 days per week    

Support from mental health qualified staff  

Peer support  

8 single bedrooms and is located on 264 Bondi Road, Bondi

Therapeutic individual and group activities 

Who's eligible?
And how to participate.

Primary residence within the SESLHD catchment area or you have a safe place to go to after your stay 

Aged 18-64 

Mixed gender 

Willingness to engage in the program, activities and supports offered 

Voluntary inpatient status if stepping down from an acute inpatient service 

People whose primary needs are mental health-related and not better served by detox or alcohol and other drug services 

Existing links to Mental Health Teams and Treating Psychiatrist 

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