Thanks for joining us in our Embark blogpost series, where we address some of our tips for supporting people with accessing the NDIS. Embark provides support to people in the Sydney Metropolitan area that are living with a mental health condition and experiencing, or at risk of, homelessness, to access the NDIS. [You can make a referral to our free service via:] 

You can also get in touch for support – via Embark Upskill, we facilitate free workshops across NSW, open to anyone who wants to improve their confidence and understanding of the NDIS in order to support people with a mental illness to access the NDIS and obtain the supports they need. [Make an enquiry via: 



Join the Embark team as we take a further look at first planning meetings, and the importance of NDIS first planning goals

Disclaimer: While this post and video are expected to be accurate at the time of publishing, it is important to remember that policies and processes within the NDIA can change, and that up-to-date information should be obtained directly from the NDIS website. 

Thanks again for joining us for this Embark blogpost series!! 

Contact the Embark team on [email protected] or via ICLA on 02 9281 3338

ICLA’s Embark program is funded by the NSW Ministry of Health to support people with a mental health condition who are experiencing, or at risk of, homelessness to access the NDIS.