How My Teachings Get Me Through  


In my culture, we have a teaching about Seven Generations which details that the way we live our lives and make decisions should take into consideration how it will affect the seven generations behind us, the seven generations ahead of us and everyone in the here and now. We believe that all of our ancestors walk with us on every part of our journey so what we do on this plane affects them on theirs.  

It can feel like a lot of responsibility, but for me it has also been a source of comfort and resilience. In the past when I’ve had thoughts about ending my journey here, I knew my ancestors would welcome me into the spirit world with love and compassion, not judgement. However, my belief that my resilience keeps them going gave me a reason to push forward.  

I want to show those that came before me that our people have survived, that our hearts are not on the ground and that we still believe our role on this Earth is sacred. I also don’t want them to bear the hurt of another relative gone too soon. I know that they would understand, but I also know that every time breaks my heart a little more, it must be doing the same to the ancestors, and I personally don’t want to be the cause of that.  

I hold no ill will for those who have gone, but I know that I want to keep going for those seven generations behind. I want to model resilience and be there for as much as of those seven generations ahead as I can.  

My teachings ground me and hold me here. They give me a reason bigger than myself to hold onto, when my senses of self-worth and preservation have taken a hit. They remind me that I am important, that there are people not even born yet who need me here. It helps me feel held when I could otherwise very easily feel like the world has abandoned me. I am reminded that even in my darkest moments I am still my ancestors wildest dreams, and I refuse to let forces that took my ancestors from this world take me too.